Police Investigate A Sexual Assault

There could soon be a suspect in the sexual assault of a 17-year-old girl from Rusk. It happened in Jacksonville about 9:30 p.m. Saturday night. Police say a man went inside Big D's convenience store, on North Bolton Street, to pay for gas and left his girlfriend inside the car with another man. Police say there are conflicting stories on what happened next, but they do know a man drove off with the girlfriend to a nearby cemetery on Kickapoo Street, where the assualt reportedly happened. Police say they believe the boyfriend knew the attacker, and the girl told police he was with them when they pulled into the gas station. The owner of the convenience store says he saw the attacker talk to the boyfriend before he drove off. Police also say the boyfriend did not call right away after the attacker drove off in his car.

"It leads me to believe they knew who he was based on the fact they thought he was going to bring it back," said Lt. John Page of the Jacksonville Police Department. "Otherwise why wouldn't you call immediately." Police believe they know who they are looking for, but have not given us any names.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com