Gas Prices Are Falling

AAA of Texas is reporting that gas prices are plummeting across the state. The state average for regular unleaded is $2.38 a gallon, but some places in East Texas are selling for well below that. We found some convenient stores selling for less than $2.00 a gallon.

Gas prices are finally falling, giving some East Texans relief at the pump. Customer Wayne Robinson says, "I never thought I would be glad to see a $2.00 price for gas a gallon in my life." "I didn't know it was $1.99, I was on half a tank and like to fill up, I didn't realized it was below $2.00, I was glad," says Linda Hicks.

The competitive gas prices were on Highway 64 West of Loop 323 in Tyler. Joey Brown had to stop and fill up when she saw the amazing price. "I'm filling up because it's a $1.99 and I'm from Dallas and it's still what a $2.70, it's a $1.99 and she actually took her camera out and took a picture," says Joey Brown.

Another Customer Jeff Browne drives to Tyler from Canton to go to work and did his homework before he left home. "I get on line on the Internet and look at the gas prices at each end of the loop north, south, east, west and this was the cheapest," says Jeff Browne.

In this one mile stretch of road, the price of gas ranges from $2.08 to $1.99 for regular unleaded, keeping this Chevron Station extremely busy.

The big question is will the prices continue to drop or will they go back up? Manager of Food Fast, Debbie Smith says, "As long as Wal-Mart, Kidd Jones stay, I'm very competitive with them so when they change I change, if they stay low...we stay low."

Debbie says they have to stay competitive because they want people in their stores, which doesn't seem to be a problem right now. Sam Feagins, says "I think they are down where they should be at this point." However, only time will tell if the prices will continue to fall. We also learned that on I-20 and Highway 69 in Smith County, the price for regular unleaded gas is at $1.97 per gallon.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.