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Proposition 8 Allows Some East Texans To Keep Land

Proposition 8 was passed by Texas voters Tuesday night.

The language of the measure states: "The constitutional amendment providing for the clearing of land titles by relinquishing and releasing any state claim to sovereign ownership or title to interest in certain land in Upshur County and in Smith County."

That result is great news to many in Smith and Upshur counties, including some gathering Election Night with State Representative Tommy Merritt.

They are the people who, in some cases, have lived on land for generations. But flawed land surveys dating back more than a century had some other folks asking the state to declare those lands vacant, paving the way for oil and mineral exploration.

Those who stood to possibly lose their land are very happy, for themselves and all Texas landowners.

J.R. Brewer owns some land in dispute.

"Anywhere in the State of Texas, someone could come up and say it's a vacancy,and they can pursue it. But with this Proposition 8, it's going to kill all that," he said.

Those who have won this fight still say they expect a few lawsuits over land rights, but this victory at the ballot box should help.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.


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