Billy Earl Hibbs Services

A Celebration of Life Ceremony was held on Tuesday for Billy Earl Hibbs. Mr. Hibbs, who founded the Heartland Security Insurance Group, passed away on Saturday at the age of 67. Friends we spoke to remembered him as a caring and giving man, who adored his family.  Donna Culver, a friend of Hibbs says, "He was a wonderful man and set a wonderful example for men, business men especially. We enjoyed knowing him and he meant a lot to us."

Dr. Bill Crowe, a friend of Hibbs says, "Billy Hibbs Sr. was a great man for our community, he grew up in Tyler and made such a great impact on our community.  He and his family have a had profound impact on the community and it's a great loss for all us that live here."  A private family burial was held prior to the service.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.