ETMC Hosts A Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Forum

The new Medicare Prescription Drug Plan will be available soon, and millions of seniors will be trying to figure out which plan is right for them. Some East Texan seniors are hitting the books, studying about the new Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.

More than 150 people participated in a forum hosted by ETMC. Frank Bostwick says, "To get a clear picture of the whole program , I've been reading some of the material but it seems like the more I read the more confused I get." Opal Wilson says, "We are trying to decide what would be out best plan for the coverage that we need." Leo Rossler with the Social Security Office is trying to educate seniors about their options under the new drug plan. Rossler says, "I think people need to shop and look at the plans, they have some time which is a good thing, to find a plan that is right for them."

The new Medicare Prescription Drug program is confusing. There are 21 companies in Texas and 47 plans to choose from. Leaving Texans unsure on which one to pick.

So how do you decide which plan is right for you? First, do your homework and study the medicare handbook. The handbook lists all of the companies offering the prescription plan.

Second, find a plan that covers your prescriptions. Each company and plan cover different drugs. Find the plan that covers the medications you buy.

Third, review the costs. What is going to cost you, when you go to the drug store. Rossler says, "I suggest you become as knowledgeable as possible.

" Spending a little time studying now, may save your bank account later. Rossler says do not be afraid to ask questions. Enrollment for the prescription plan begins November 15th. And if you join by the end of the year, your coverage will start January 1st.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.