7 On Your Side: Cash For Gas

An innocent mistake recently had Genevieve Ross of Tyler searching everywhere for her purse. "My husband put my purse on top of my car and my friend and I took off," says Genevieve recalling the day she lost her purse. It was later found but unfortunately not some of the belongings inside. Her debit card and gas card were missing. That same day charges were billed to her accounts at local gas stations. "They went to the Exxon Mobil on Paluxy and Copeland and they used [the ATM card] and charged $63.87," says Genevieve. Then, another $75.00 was charged to her Diamond Shamrock gas card at the station bearing the same name on Troup Highway and Thistle. "I felt like this was a scam that people don't know about." Here is what, is believed, happened. Someone approaches you at the gas station and offers to buy your gas on their credit card, and you will give them cash back in return. But the card that is used is actually a stolen one. As Genevieve called to cancel her gas card, what happened didn't come as a surprise to the operator. "The first thing she said was 'Only $75.00?' and I said 'Yes $75.00' and she said 'I just processed a claim for $2,000 in 2 days." Officer Don Martin with the Tyler Police Department adds, "We're not going to say it's never happened. But it's not an ongoing thing that is happening on a regular basis." As infrequent as this scam may be, for someone who was out almost $140.00, Genevieve says one time is enough.

Genevieve says Diamond Shamrock and her local bank did credit the charges back to her accounts and are still investigating the fraudulent charges.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com