East Texas Athlete Among Desperados Hopeful

The Cowboys had the day off but there was still pro-football news over the weekend out of the Metroplex. Arena league football.
The Dallas Desperados held open tryouts at Texas Stadium. We followed Littleton Dean, Junior an East Texas athlete hoping to make his pro dreams a reality.
"My dream is to be in the NFL, but you've got to start somewhere," Littleton said.
Littleton "Tennessee" Dean Junior grew up like many boys dreaming of spending his Sundays playing on the fields of NFL stadiums.
"I'm trying to accomplish it," Littleton said. "I will accomplish it if I keep working hard though."
The 23-year-old from Tennessee and former East Texas Baptist University defensive lineman laced up to take one more step towards that goal. Of the more than 200 men who showed up with the same dream, the former All-American was the very first to arrive and register as the sun rose over Texas Stadium.
"I feel that God puts things in life for a reason, to show you the right path. I just got to keep trusting him."
The competition is tough. Scouts and coaches look at a players speed, power and standing broad jump.
Players have to be able to handle offense and defense. Making the team from an open tryout is a long shot. Only two have done it in the history of the Desperados franchise.
However, that fact would not keep Littleton from chasing his dream.
"I think I bring something different. Really it's not intimidation its just making me work harder, pushing me harder to go harder and faster than they are."
No one knows how hard it is to make it in the pros then 11-year AFL veteran Clint Dolezel, a former standout quarterback at Cisco College and East Texas State University.
"It's a long journey," he said. "You feel like a little kid, no matter how old you are, you miss those days of getting those jitters and getting going. It's like the first start of any football game going out there. I'm happy for them. This is a good opportunity for them."
An opportunity that Littleton was making the most of.
"I take it one step at a time," he said. "Like first round, second round, third round then wham."
He took each those steps but in the end he like the others faced a disappointing reality. In the last round, Littleton was the 39th man cut. No hopeful signed with the Desperados.
But Littleton will not give up and said he will keep trying and fighting until someone finally says yes.
"It won't stop here no," he said. "I'll just find somewhere else to work out at".

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com