Tornado Tears Through Kentucky and Indiana

The deadly tornado formed in Kentucky, then jumped the Ohio River, cutting a path of destruction 20 miles long through Southwestern Indiana. In many places the destruction was total. Homes were obliterated.

In Newburgh, Indiana, the twister decimated the home of Zach and Jenny Nolan.

"I was woken up by a loud pound, which was the walls falling down behind me," said Jenny.

"Once the roof blew off, my window just kind of exploded, and my head was right next to it so I pulled the covers right over my head," Zach said.

In the next county, Casey Lockhardt's experience sounded like a scene from a movie.

"The back window blew out, and debris blew in on top of me. It swirled me around on top of the bed, then quit as quick as it started," he said.

At daybreak, the extent of the damage became clear.

"I saw some of the deadliest, and most lethal damage Indiana has seen in a long time," said Governor Mitch Daniels.

In the rural town of Degonia Springs, Indiana, victims included a woman who was eight months pregnant, her husband, and a young child.

The twister killed at least 17 at a mobile home park in Evansville. The death toll in Kentucky and Indiana is expected to grow as emergency workers continue to search for victims who may be trapped underneath debris.