Model Train Show In Marshall

A two-day show in Marshall is bringing train fans out in droves. But this is a miniature world of model trains. Tiny towns, intricate detail, and every conceivable scenery brought a big crowd to the Marshall Civic Center for the first annual Marshall Model Train Show.

"I love the trains. They're just so much fun to sit and watch and the kids love them. The boys and the girls," said Marshall resident Trisha Warren.

Organized by the Ark-La-Tex Train Modelers Club, numerous landscapes were on display for public viewing, all accurate down to the smallest detail.

"The challenge is can I make this thing look as real as possible. That's the end of the hobby I'm involved in," said Ark-La-Tex club President Don Kimmel.

Twenty vendors and exhibitors were on hand to answer questions and give tips to fellow train enthusiasts, in a hobby that is continuing to grow with young and old.

"Older people like passenger trains.  They're looking for steam engines. The younger generation says we want the one I saw yesterday going down the rail," said train modeler Brad Zavattari.

"I love them. I think they're really cool. How they can stay on track and carry cars," said Sean Hickl, 12, a Shreveport train modeler .

It's nostalgia of an elegant time of travel. But to others it's just fun to play in a tiny world.

The show continues at the Marshall Civic Center tomorrow from 10 am to 4 pm. The next train show is scheduled in Longview in March.

Bob Hallmark reporting,