Freedom Fighter: Ray Ramsey

Although Ray Ramsey of Blodgett, volunteered to fight in Korea, he wasn't sent there until the war was winding down. Vietnam was another story. Ramsey was wounded repeatedly and almost lost his life in Vietnam. Ramsey was wounded the first time by mortar fragments that went through one side of his mouth and out the other. Soon after, a sniper shot him in the leg. In March of the same year, Ramsey received a concussion from a grenade, but the worst was yet to come. Only a month after the concussion, Ramsey and five others in his unit were caught in an ambush and Ramsey was shot 28 times. He lost so much blood, he was thought to be dead and reported killed in action. But Ramsey survived and spent the next thirteen months in the hospital. Ray Ramsey received The Silver Star for valor and The Bronze Star for heroism. His only regret was being unable to serve the thirty years he had planned because of his wounds.