KLTV 7 Solves Another Disputed TXU Bill

Nearly $169,000 in charges was billed to CPU Wholesale Computer Parts in Tyler. "I was like 'what?!' I mean I did do a double take on the bill!," says Keene Guidry with CPU. The Tyler business says it's impossible the company owes that much. They've only had electric service for a month to renovate a new location they're opening on South Broadway. "Unless the whole city's power grid is tied to our electrical system I don't see a $168,000 justification for a bill," says Guidry. So he called TXU on what he strongly believes was a mistake and tells us what he was initially told by the operator: "He was pretty straightforward he said 'you know we gotta get you to pay something'," says Guidry. That something was only $60.00. We got on the phone with TXU who says it will now only hold CPU responsible for that $60 payment and that's it. But Guidry says this six-figure bill could have caused bigger problems. "Imagine this bill was set up on auto draft and $160,000 came out of my checking account. You could imagine what kind of chaos that would have caused, like paychecks bouncing, vendor checks bouncing," says Guidry. Even though this has fallen in CPU's favor, this has only prepared the company to keep an eye on future bills so business can go on as usual.

Much of the balance on that bill, $156,000, was the "demand charge" TXU bills to commercial customers. Because it's CPU's first electric bill, TXU says it didn't have a billing history to immediately see that the charges are an error.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com