Equine Center Holding Benefit Sale

An east Texas woman has devoted all of her time helping starved and abused horses, but now she desperately needs help herself to run an equine rescue center. For the past 6 years Ruth Meadows has spent all of her time and energy saving abandoned and neglected horses. With help from volunteers, she takes care of them at her 10 acre ranch called Safe Haven.

"I have had a lot of people come to me and ask how i can do this a lot of these horses are just skin and bones how do you stand to look at these horses the only way i can do this is knowing that if i hadn't been here they probably would have died" Meadows says.

But feeding and caring for horses is expensive. Meadows is holding a garage sale Saturday to raise money for winter hay, feed and other essentials.

"Its not cheap, horses are high maintenance animals" she says.

They're animals that have been neglected abused and starved and they would have no place else to go if it weren't for Safe Haven. Over the years hundreds of horses have been saved by Meadows care.

"Maybe its a good thing that i don;t have all the money in the world cause I'd just keep them all, it never stops but its the best job that I've never gotten paid for" Ruth says.

Safe Haven is located in Upshur county. It is less that two miles East of 300 on FM 726. The garage sale will be held tomorrow on the grounds from 8 am to 2 pm. Horses will also be shown for possible adoption. For information you can call 903- 734 - 7755. Bob Hallmark reporting.