The Tale Of Two Cities

It is the talk of East Texas. The John Tyler Lions against the Longview Lobos in a fight for the District 12-5A title.
The game is as much as about the two teams as it is about the rivalry between these two cities. 
About 30 miles is the difference between these old rivals but one win is the difference in the district title.
"Everybody's hyped, everybody's really excited," said John Tyler student Delorean Gives. 
Take a rivarlry that's almost a hundred years old between two close cities, throw in some high stakes and what you have is a lot of folks talking. We caught up with some John Tyler fans around town.
"We have the best athletes this year," said  Louis Cooper. "They had the best athletes last year, but we got the best this year."
"They've surprised everybody with how good they are this year," said Christine Cox.
We found more than a few Lobos fans in downtown Longview.
"My daughter lives in Tyler, so I will have to go for Longview because my daughter is for Tyler," said Loraine Palmer. 
"I just cannot wait till tomorrow so we can beat John Tyler," said Peggy Palmer. 
"I would bet on the Lobos," one fan said. "Want to bet?"
Funny the subject was brought up because that is the same idea Longview Mayor Jay Dean had with Tyler Mayor Joey Seeber.
"Tyler is known for their Greenberg smoked turkey's, so I said if we win I'll take one of those," Mayor Dean said.
"I think he is out of luck," said Tyler Mayor Joey Seeber. "I think Mayor Dean is out of luck when it comes to a Greenberg turkey he's going to have to buy one himself."
"We have Dudley's Turduckens," Mayor Dean added.
"I'm really confident I'm going to eat Turducken on Thanksgiving," Seeber said.
Turkey or Turduckens, Lions or Lobos, there is one sure bet. It will be a packed house Friday night.

Maya Golden reporting