TXU Credits Customer $900 On Disputed Bill

Our investigation led to a $907 credit to Lori Rumbelow's bill. Lori helps run the Bullard Baseball Association and received a bill last month for $935.14. The lights on the baseball fields were never turned on during the billing period, causing her to dispute the charges. After our phone calls to TXU, Lori now owes $27.27. TXU says she was not responsible for the "demand charge" so it was removed. "They were sending the bills to the executives and it never made it that far and they were very sorry about the customer service I'd received after seven phone calls and they hoped to get the matter settled and it was settled that next day," says Lori about her conversation with a TXU representative.

Lori has already sent her payment in to the electric company.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com