Hunters Prepare For Deer Season

Its the super bowl for hunters, as deer season officially opens this weekend in east Texas. Sporting goods stores like Academy have been swamped with hunters buying last minute items preparing for the opening of deer season.

"My girlfriend she doesn't like it that I spend all that time getting ready, and not as much time with her but that's all I ever do, I love to hunt" says Jefferson hunter Reps Biddy.

Texas game wardens say in spite of drought, it should be a good season, and there are more hunters gearing up.

"Most of what we get is rifles and scopes and getting ready for your hunting season" said Longview gunsmith Craig Clotz.

Camouflage is a hot seller this year with everything about stealth and blending in with your scenery, but theres a danger in that too. With more people hunting, game wardens are issuing safety warnings; wearing camouflage conceals you not only from deer but from other hunters. They say you should wear a bright color so you don't become a target yourself. More Advice, treat all fire arms as if they're loaded, and confirm your target before you shoot. 

Many keep family traditions alive with deer season and say preparing is half the battle. "If you're prepared, you have your spot picked out, and you know what you're doing, it's not as hard as what people think it is" Biddy says.

More than 1- million hunters are expected to participate in deer season this year, adding nearly 2-billion dollars into the Texas economy. All hunters must have a current license, and bag limits vary from county to county.

Bob Hallmark reporting.