Funeral For Pastor Kyle Lake

Kyle Lake's death has recieved national attention because of the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the incident. The thirty-three-year-old minister was electrocuted Sunday when he reached for a microphone during a baptism.

On Tuesday, thousands of people, including many of his friends from Tyler, gathered at First Baptist Church to pay their final respects to Kyle Lake.

Deanna Sims, a former Sunday school teacher, gave the Eulogy.

"I think he would have been overwhelmed at the impact his life has made," Sims said.

In spite of his tragic death, the memorial service was filled with moments of laughter.

Dr. Michael Massar of First Baptist Church in Tyler said, "It really was Kyle, because it embodied all kinds of great joy. I think there was authentic hurt and pain, but his joy came through all that darkeness."

David Crowder, the University Baptist Church worship leader spoke about his friend during the service.. He said,"Kyle lake lived a life that blurred the line between Heaven and Earth."

Then a choir of thousands sang "It Is Well With My Soul."

Stephen Dement also taught Kyle Sunday School at First Baptist Church in Tyler. "We know that we'll all be in Heaven, that we'll all be reunited. This is just a temporary separation," Dement said.

Kyle touched so many people in his ministry and in his writing. But friends say it was in personal relationships where he truly excelled.

Deanna Sims said, "He had important things to say as a preacher, and as a minister, but the reason people listened to him was because they knew he loved them."

People that knew Kyle from the time he was very young, say he always had a unique conviction about his faith.

"He knew exactly what he believed as a Christian, and he lived it to the fullest. He wasn't ashamed of his faith. He brought joy to it, and that was an infectious kind of attitude," Dement said.

Kyle died inaugurating someone into the faith he loved. In his death, his friend and university chaplain joked, Kyle still managed to get in the last word.

Then he read prophetic words from the sermon Kyle would have given last Sunday.

"Live, and live well." it said.
"Be present. Do not be passed. Do not look to the future."

"And if you've recently experienced loss, grieve. And grieve well."

Kyle left behind his wife, Jen and their three children. His daughter, Avery is five. He had three year-old twin boys, Jude and Sutton.

An educational trust fund has been set up for them. If you'd like information on how to donate, contact The University Baptist Church in Waco.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting