TXU Customer Says Company Is In For A Fight

Lori Rumbelow and her husband run the Bullard Baseball Association. But much of her time in the last four weeks has been spent fighting TXU over this curve ball: a $935 bill charged to their non- profit league. "When I looked at the bill I thought 'oh no someone has turned the lights on!'. Then I looked at the bill and it shows zero reading," says Lori. Not a single ounce of electricity was used for the month, which is clearly noted on her bill. That's when Lori got on the phone to call TXU. "[TXU said] I needed to pay the bill or it will be shut off. That I needed to go ahead and pay the bill or they would disconnect me," recalls Lori. But when we called TXU they sang a very different tune. The company says it's reviewing the charges to the account and during that time it does not plan on disconnecting service to the baseball fields. The chunk of the bill is this $762 "Demand Charge" that TXU says it will not comment on while the bill is under review. It's not much consolation to Lori, who has sent written complaints to TXU and the Public Utility Commission. She says they have yet to respond. "If we have to play every game at 3 o'clock in the afternoon or 4, we are not going to pay this bill. I'm not going to pay a $935 bill when we didn't use any electricity," says Lori. TXU says it hopes to have an answer for Lori before the end of the week. Little did they know that this opponent says she's not going down without a fight.

One other note, according to PUC rules, TXU cannot disconnect your service for failure to pay disputed charges. You must be notified by TXU that the disputed charges are accurate before disconnection becomes an option.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com