Whitehouse Appeal Denied

Whitehouse head football coach Randy McFarlin and a contingent of Whitehouse school officials were in Austin this morning, requesting the UIL State Executive Committee grant them an exception to the rule that forces them to forfeit five games, three wins, for using an ineligible player. McFarlin argued Whitehouse used due diligence to establish all of their players eligible and shouldn't be penalized for what can be considered a clerical error. McFarlin felt they made a strong argument and commented the committee actually paused for a moment before ruling, shedding a ray of hope onto their argument. But, in the end, the Executive Committee voted to deny their request. McFarlin said he made the appeal for his kids and says win or lose, the situation doesn't affect the District 17-4A playoff scenario. As a result of the decision, wins over Chapel Hill, Spring Hill and Pine Tree will remain forfeited.

Kevin Berns reporting.