Waco Pastor Was Tyler Native

A Waco pastor, originally from Tyler, was killed over the weekend during a baptism ceremony at his church. 33 year-old Kyle Lake was standing in the baptistry at University Baptist Church when he reached for the microphone and was electrocuted.

Kyle Lake went to high school at Robert E. Lee.  John Craddock was his assistant principal. He told us,"He was always so positive, and made you feel good to be around him."

Craddock remembers Lake as an exemplary student, and great role model for others.

"He was just a really good kid, and he had a bubbling personality. You never did see him when he wasn't smiling," he said.

He was the captain of the 1990 soccer team.

Coach Rich Brands said, "That was one of our best seasons ever. I remember well that Kyle was a leader through all of that. He was a captain, and really took a lot of responsibility for how things went."

Even in his adolescence, the future pastor was passionate about his faith. He grew up in The First Baptist Church in downtown Tyler, where his parents are still members.

Dr. Michael Massar knew Lake well as a fellow minister.

He said, "Every time you were around Kyle, you felt better for it. And I'm going to miss that."

Just two weeks ago, the two had lunch. It was the last time Dr. Massar would see Kyle Lake.

"Right now, I'd tell him how much I miss him, and how much I took his friendship for granted."

At 33 years-old, Lake had achieved monumental success in ministry. He pastored University Baptist Church in Waco, home of The David Crowder Band, for the last seven years.

Dr. Massar said, "He was an ideal minister. He had a very winsome witness that was very contagious."

He also wrote two books, Understanding Prayer, and Understanding God's Will. Dr. Massar says Kyle Lake unmistakably knew God's will for his life, and he lived it out daily.

"In the very act of that, his life was taken. But he was doing what he felt called by God to do. And that's a piece of grace in itself."

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.  lwilcox@kltv.com