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Cowboys Offense Clicks For Win Over The Cardinals

There was plenty of something in Sunday's game Cowboys fans had not seen in a few weeks. Offense.
"I think it shows that we have some character," said quarterback Drew Bledsoe. "This team, we have some talent here, but also one of the things that Bill (Parcells) and Jerry (Jones) have done is put together a team with strong character. We respond when we're challenged."
The Cowboys first drive of the game took 1:07, 3 plays for 80 yards and ended with a touchdown. "You're running the ball effectively, you've got a little time to throw," Bledsoe said.
Part of the offenses' fuel, Marion Barber. The rookie got the start in place of the injured Julius Jones and gave the Cowboys the first 100 yard rushing performance of the season.
"I just harp on being prepared," Barber said.
"The thing that I like to see the most, obviously you draft a guy that high, you know he's going to be able to run the ball, that's part of it," Drew Bledsoe said. "But, he's also doing a nice job for us on pass protection, getting that stuff figured, which a lot of times for a young back that can be a big challenge."
The rookie also got his first and second NFL touchdowns. Barber had just two words to describe his feelings. "Butterflies everywhere."
Another plus for the Cowboys, the serious lack of penalties.
"Zero," said Bill Parcells. "That's pretty hard to do in the NFL. Pretty hard to do, so I was pretty happy about that."
But the force that has kept the Cowboys in it all season clicked Sunday as well. After a slow start the defense came alive.
Anthony Henry gave Dallas their first interception returned for a touchdown since 2003.
At the halfway mark the Cowboys are 5-3.
"We could have been better than 5 and 3, but it could have been worse as well," Parcells said. "So, I'm not saying I'm satisfied with it. There's a lot of football left and we just got to be able to play it." Dallas is off next week but a win with the offense and defense clicking is just what the 'Boys needed heading into a difficult second half the season.

Maya Golden reporting,

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