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Shoppers On The Hunt For Halloween Costumes

Ghosts, goblins, witches, and warlocks are some of the most popular Halloween costumes of all time. Every year a few new favorites get added to the list. We went to The Card and Party Halloween Store in Tyler to see what the latest trends are.

"Any thing rock star, anything to do with Hollywood this year," store manager Daniel Summers says. At the store we ran into Darth Vader, and The Donald. But not everyone wants to dress up like a celebrity.

Four-year-old London Hibbs wants to be a bat, but not just any kind of bat. "I want to be a spitting bat," she said. Why a spitting bat? London responded, "Cause I want to spit at people."

She showed us her best bat wing flap, then she did something that took us by surprise. "I need to practice my spits right now," she said. Then she spit at our microphone three times.

Brock Patton and his friends were looking for something they could all be together. "We were thinking of going as The Wizard of Oz, but we're trying to go a little more creative," Patton said.

The Three Stooges, and famous politicians were all on their short list, but when the day was done, Brock and his friends settled on something a little different. "We're going to dress up as hula dancers. We're going to carry a big blow up palm tree, and a pink flamingo," he said.

Tomorrow night they'll go door-to-door wearing grass skirts and coconut bras. If they knock on your door, you won't hear the traditional Trick-or-Treat. Instead you'll get a little Don Ho, and a big hula shake.

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