Small East Texas Town Considered The Most Haunted In The State

Jefferson, TX, with a population of 2,100, has the reputation of being "the most haunted town in Texas." Parapsychologists have recorded no less than 52 spirits in the Big Cypress Cafe alone.

The cafe is one of a number of places that Jody Breckenridge includes on her Historic Jefferson Ghost Walk. Breckenridge started the walk five years ago. Planned originally for once a month, the tours soon grew to include every weekend throughout the year.

Breckenridge says that ghosts seem drawn to places of history and tragedy. The Big Cypress Cafe, built in 1860, has a number of deaths recorded in its past as a saloon, funeral home, and brothel. Perhaps that explains why some visitors have feelings of uneasiness at certain spots, feel hands pushing them when there's no one there, and see orbs of light bouncing around that even appear in photographs.

Breckenridge says the event that spooked her the most was when a little girl on a tour told her mother that someone had just jumped out the window. Just a child's imagination? Maybe so. But only a few weeks later, another child reported seeing the same thing. In Jefferson, the most haunted town in Texas, unexplained things do seem to happen.

You can find out more on the Historic Jefferson Ghost Walk at 903-665-6289.