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Irma P. Hall Visits Texas College

Texas College is celebrating their homecoming in style. With a distinguished alumni. An actress you might recognize from her dozens of roles in television and movies. To most of the kids on campus... She's "big mama", her character from the movie and TV series called "Soul Food". To others she's known as the sweet homeowner, that Tom Hanks tries, and fails to get the best of in 2004's remake of the "Ladykillers". That role won her a special acting award from the Cannes Film Festival.

This weekend, Irma P. Hall is helping Texas College celebrate their homecoming. Irma P. Hall says, "My father and two of his sister went here and my father started the jazz orchestra here and that was his way of working through school here and so it's like our family school." She got into acting later in life. Before that she was a school teacher in Dallas for 27 years. Hall says, "I didn't know that I really wanted to act or even thought about it, the only thing I wanted to do in the theater was one day earn enough money to seat on the first floor instead of the balcony."

She says she owes her success to her time at Texas College. "I wouldn't have done anything that I'm doing, I wouldn't have taught school, wouldn't have been in the position I was in to start my careers if I hadn't attended Texas College so this will be my way of giving back," says Hall. Now, she has a special dream for Texas College. "To see film making, communications and something to honor jazz musician a hall of fame or something like that. I would like see them to be honored here," says Hall.

Irma P. Hall is emceeing the Miss Texas College coronation on Friday night. She will also be the Grand Marshall in the homecoming parade on Saturday.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.

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