Jennifer Aniston Look Alike In East Texas

People just cannot get enough of Jennifer Aniston these days. Everywhere you look, there's Jennifer's face on the front cover of a magazine. Here in East Texas, we have a very convincing Jennifer Aniston look alike, and now she's getting national attention.

"They just stare at me and say has anybody ever told you, you look like Jennifer Aniston," said Kim Barryhill. "I start laughing." After seeing the celebrity make-overs on the TV Guide channel, she thought maybe she could get made over.

"I sent my picture in, I think a month and a half later they called me and said we picked you for the commercial instead of the make-over show, said Kim. Kim says she couldn't do the make-over show because she looks too much like Jennifer Aniston, however, she's excited about the commercial.

"They do a sketch of the eyes and the nose and they slowly bring in the picture I had done and they talk about stuff that Jennifer Aniston would like and the picture comes up and they say if you guessed Jennifer Aniston you're wrong," said Barryhill. "It's Kim Barryhill from Tyler, Texas." You could have fooled me, and Barryhill does, foll people in to thinking she's Jennifer Aniston everyday.

Barryhill grew up in Tyler. She lives here with her husband and two children. Her commercial will air on the TV Guide Channel in the middle of November.

Molly Reuter, reporting.