CIA Leak Investigation: Libby Indicted

Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff resigned today as a grand jury indicted him on five counts. Lewis Libby is charged in connection with the case of aCIA officer whose identity was revealed to the press, the special counsel in charge of the probe will speak publicly for the first time about his findings later today.

After a two year investigation, special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's grand jury has handed up indictments in the CIA leak investigation.

Vice President Cheney's newly-resigned chief of staff, Lewis "Scooter" Libby, is charged with obstruction of justice, two counts of making false statements and two counts of perjury before the grand jury, which has been probing who leaked the name of CIA officer Valerie Plame to the press.

Karl Rove, the president's top political advisor, was not indicted of any crimes, though he's been told he's still under investigation.

His lawyer released a statement saying: "Rr. Rove will continue to cooperate fully with the special counsel's efforts to complete the investigation. We are confident that when the special counsel finishes his work, he will conclude that mr. Rove has done nothing wrong."

President Bush met with his top aides before he left for a speech in Norfolk, Virginia. He made no mention of the indictments as he addressed an invited audience on the war on terror.

Even though no one has been indicted with the primary crime of intentionally leaking government secrets, democrats argue the conduct of white house aides was part of a campaign to mislead Americans about the reason for going to war in iraq.

Rove and others know they're not out of the woods yet. The prosecutor may try to convince Libby to testify against someone else, as part of a plea deal.