Raceway Shooting Victims Families Speak Out

Family members of the men killed at the Hallsville raceway are looking for justice after a Harrison county jury says those arrested in the shooting would not face charges.

In Hallsville this afternoon families filed into the Harrison county District Attorney's office wanting answers about why these suspects are not charged in their loved one's murder.

"I was very surprised, kind of agitated. I just don't feel that justice was done," said Kim Coldberg, the fiancee of Cedric Johnson.

It was Juneteeth when gunfire erupted at a Hallsville raceway, leaving 2 men, Charles Jessie Miller and Cedric Johnson, dead. 4 men were initially arrested in the shootings and last Friday it was decided charges would not be filed.

"My 5-year-old is telling me his daddy is never coming home and I'm going to have to tell him now that whoever shot his daddy got away with it. How am I supposed to explain that to him?" said Miller's wife, Amanda.

The question remains, "Why were the four let go?" Family members told us today that the district attorney told them about evidence presented to the grand jury. This evidence determined that one of the victims pulled a weapon. The grand jury may have determined this was consistent with acting in self defense.

This however, is not the answer the families want to hear.

"My husband was shot in the face and nobody has done anything about it," Amanda said.

For now, they can only hope new evidence will turn up, giving them the results they are hoping for.

Bob Hallmark reporting.