Longview Restaurants Awarded Blue Ribbons

A pair of Longview restaurants earned blue ribbon awards with outstanding records of cleanliness, as documented by the health department. Keeping food fresh and clean work spaces are secrets of the family owned business, Jucy's Hamburgers, at 816 West Marshall Avenue. From top to bottom, a squeaky clean operation, no violations in the past year. This is the accomplishment which earned them a blue ribbon.

"It's a pleasure to present you with this KLTV blue ribbon award. This award is traditionally given to restaurants who scored perfect A's on inspections. Congratulations on your blue ribbon award." said Blue Ribbon presenter, Barbara Smith of KLTV.

Jucys' workers say the secret is good habits.

"Creating good habits just starting out if you start them out good , train right then it follows on through." said Jucy's manager, Angela Reed.

For the second time in their 3 year history, the Tree Frog Deli at 1811 Judson Road, has been awarded a blue ribbon after a year with no violations. Already with a history of excellent reports from the health department they'll have another plaque to mount on the wall.

The owner says it's a team effort.

"Oh, it feels great, I would have never believed it. Three years ago I worked for someone else it's amazing, I'm very happy." said Tree Frog Deli owner, Brandy Durette.

Consistency earns blue ribbons-- and these two restaurants intend to be consistent about earning more.

Bob Hallmark reporting.