Local Reaction To Miers' Withdrawal

The controversy has been consuming The White House since shortly after the president nominated Harriet Miers to succeed outgoing Justice Sandra Day O'connor. After Miers' withdrawal this morning, Texas senators quickly showed their support for Miers.

From the senate floor, Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison said,"I have to say, I'm disappointed in that decision, because I know she would have been a superb justice. She would have been a strict constructionist. She would have been a judge that knew the place of the judge."

Senator John Cornyn blames the nomination and confirmation process. He says it discourages good people from entering public service.

"This process, in my opinion, has gotten unnecessarily contentious and down right nasty," said Cornyn.

Tyler District Court Judge Cynthia Kent disagrees.

She said, "I don't think that she was bullied by anyone. I think that conservatives, and democrats, and moderates, people from all over looked at her qualifications, and were asking questions."

The question now is "Who will be the next nominee?"

There is speculation in Washington President Bush will select another woman to replace Justice O'connor, but Congressman Louie Gohmert says that should not be a deciding factor.

"I think race, gender, those things, should not amount to a hill of beans. But I do look forward to the day when, as Martin Luther King said, they'll be judged by the content of their character,"said Gohmert.

No matter who the next nominee is, Texas Republicans agree on one thing. With declining approval ratings, the president needs to select someone who will have an easier time during the confirmation process than Harriet Miers.