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11/01/06 -Tyler

Gift Of Love: 5 Exceptional Brothers Need Home

These five brothers are spending the afternoon at Tyler's skate plex. Whether on the skating rink or off, they are always looking out for each other.

"They've always had each other. Even when they were real little, the older ones took care of the younger ones. So, they didn't really have a lot of parenting early on and they're very close. They're brothers and they definitely want to be together," explains Denise Killgore, Child Protective Services caseworker.

Trayvion, Sylvester, Demario, Tavares and Emmanuel range in age from 12 to 4 years old. "I lost a tooth. I put it under my pillow and the Tooth Fairy came and I got $1," says Tavares sporting a big smile with his front tooth missing.

These boys are all friendly, polite and respectful of others. I asked Sylvester, "Are you pretty well behaved?" He responds saying, "Yes ma'am. I learned it from my Grandma."

Grandma, or Granny as they call her, is their foster mom. "I love them boys," says their Granny, Maud Wright.

These siblings were removed from their home because of neglect about a year and a half ago. They were placed in foster care. Despite a rough start, these boys are excelling. Maud says, "They are very intelligent kids, very smart."

These boys enjoy sports, are musically talented and all do well in school. In fact, most of them are on the honor roll.

"I like school because I get to play at recess and I get to see my friends," says Demario, who's 7 years old.

"I like to play basketball, soccer and football," says Trayvion, who's 12 years old.

I asked Emmanuel, who's 4 years old, "What's your favorite thing to play?" He says with a big smile, "Hide and seek."

"They're going to bring something that you would be proud of. Any family would be proud to have them," says Maud.

These brothers both want and need to stay together. They're bonded and attached to each other.

I asked Demario, "So, you like being with your brothers?" He says,"Yes ma'am, because they make me have fun and they make me happy."

Sylvester says, "I love my brothers."

I asked Emmanuel, "Do you want to stay with your brothers?" He says softly, "Yes, because I would miss them."

These boys are not picky about a forever family, just grateful to have a mom and a dad once again. "It won't matter to me as long as I get one," says Sylvester. Trayvion says having a forever family is important because then you "have someone to love you."

These boys will bring joy and happiness but most importantly love. It's the one thing they hope for in return. Maud says, "Whoever gets these boys, are getting a gift."

If you'd like to know more about this adorable group of boys call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan reporting.

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