Proposed Pipeline At Lake Tyler

Wednesday the Tyler City Council listened to concerns of Lake Tyler residents.  A company has proposed a new 6000 foot natural gas pipeline in their community, 4500 feet will be placed under the lake.  Residents say they don't want the construction, or the pipeline in their yards.

It was standing room only in the Tyler City Council Chambers.  More than 40 Lake Tyler resident came to voice their concerns.  They listened as the Tyler City Council drilled Antero Resources with questions about their plans.  City of Tyler Mayor Joey Seeber asked Antero Resources, "What are our alternatives here and I haven't really gotten a straight answer on that and maybe it takes us comfirming with our lawyers."  Steve Woodward with Antero Resources says, "Yes, we have looked at a number of different areas and points around the lake as the best landing point for the pipeline on the east side of the lake.

The City Council didn't get the answers they need, so they voted to table the issue.   Mayor Seeber says, "There are too many unanswered questions to approve this item today, the council is very concerned about the safety in this area and very concerned about the extent into which our hands are tied by the law.

Lake Tyler residents moved to the lake for peace and quiet and they say the proposed pipeline would ruin all that.  Byron Davis, Lake Tyler Resident says, "I would be the most effected because this pipeline would be less than 100 feet from my front door."  Lake resident, Suzie Ekvall is worried about the safety of her children and the families.  Ekvall says, "Who wants to live next to an industrial sight with a gas pipeline who wants their children or grandchildren playing on top of a gas line, nobody wants that. It basically will ruin the way of life we all chose."  Both Davis and Ekvall say they are pleased with the decision to table the issue.  And they hope their neighborhood will stay as it is.

Mayor Seeber says all the royalties from gas pipeline will go into the a special project fund, which is not part of the general budget.  The council wants to use the funds to benefit all Tyler residents but has not decided what that will be.