War Death Toll Reaches 2,000

President Bush says the best way to honor the sacrifice of death in America's war is to complete the mission in Iraq.

The death count reached 2,000  yesterday as the President met with an Iraqi Kurdish leader at the White House.

Bush says he "assured him that America will stand with the people that desire a free and democratic Iraq." But opponents of the war are renewing their calls for a pullout.

For the next few days, Cindy Sheehan and other peace activists plan to "die symbolically" outside the White House to represent the American soldiers who have died in Iraq. Sheehan says she hopes about 2,000 people attend the vigil this week to represent each American death in Iraq. Each participant receives a wrist bracelet with the name of a fallen soldier. The vigil begins today and ends Saturday.

Last summer, Sheehan brought attention to the anti-war effort by camping outside President Bush's ranch in Texas. Her son Casey died in Iraq last year.