Student Maintains Accusation Against Band Director

"I will tell you that you never know when the final word's the final word when you're dealing with teenagers."

That statement came at eleven o'clock this morning when we told Superintendent Caldwell a student had recanted accusations against the Brownsboro band director. Hours later, we found out she changed her mind once again.

We asked if they are not back to square one,  Lieutenant Pat McWilliams responded, "Yes, she's saying that her claim at first is the right one." That claim, again, is that Danny Burns did have an inappropriate relationship with her.

We asked the Henderson County Sherriff's Department how this impacts their investigation.

"It makes them wonder, 'What's going on? Where we at on this deal?'  The different things that you would consider, whether it would be the validity of it, or whether there's coercion, or tampering with witnesses."

Debbie Van Deeman's children played in band with Burns. She took them out, because she didn't like the way he disciplined them.

"He has a way of, in my opinion, and in my observation, of intimidation and control," she said.

At one time, she was also the victims coordinator for the District Attorney in Tyler. She says indecisiveness in victims is not uncommon.

"Sometimes, you just don't have the support you need, and it's just easier to walk away. To go away."

The investigation in this case is ongoing. No arrests have been made, and Danny Burns has not been indicted for any wrong doing.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.