ReStor Multifocal Lens Implant

If you wear bifocals or reading glasses, you may not have to anymore. A new lens implant has made its' way to East Texas and is helping those with vision problems. We visited with one East Texan who's thrilled with her new vision.

Janet Randolph has worn bifocals for 25 years and says, "I had the bifocals with the line through them and that was just difficult." She says it was time to ditch her glasses.

Janet went to her eye doctor who told about a new option called the "ReStor Multifocal lens implant", which was recently approved by the F-D-A. The implant offers patients something beyond Lasik Eye surgery. The new multifocal lens implant is allowing patients to see things close up and far away. This technology is finally allowing some patients to put their glasses away for good. The lens implant may be new, but the procedure is not. Doctors are using a cataract surgical procedure to implant the new lens.

Dr. Jeffrey Pennell says, "Anybody over the age of 40 or 45 understands that when you get to that age, that the ability to see up close, your arms are no longer long enough." This new lens gives patients, like Janet, the vision they once had. Janet says, "The freedom of being without glasses is a whole new world. I appreciate the fact that I can just not worry about having my glasses, I can just pick up a book and read." Janet says she wishes the surgery had been available several years ago.

Dr. Pennell recommends you talk with your doctor about the new multifocal lens implants to see if you are a candidate. The cost for the new vision without insurance is approximately $4,900 per eye.

Karolyn Davis reporting.