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7 On Your Side: Extension 9

Sandra Woods works as a receptionist at a Tyler dealership. Her job recently changed phone companies. So when a caller, claiming to be with SBC, asked for extension 9, her first thought was that it doesn't exist. "[The caller] said, 'Yes you do, that's the phone line we use for technical support to check problems on the phone line," says Sandra. But the problems were just beginning. For the next two days the same caller dialed in over and over asking to be transferred to extension 9. "I said, 'Just how long is this going to take? Y'all are awful slow, we only have 10 lines how long does it take to check them,'" says Sandra recalling her conversation with the caller. But what was really happening was each time he was transferred to extension 9 it gave this scammer an open phone line. He called Yemen, the Dominican Republic, France and even New York. Some calls were more than 20 minutes long. But in the true spirit of a con-artist, the caller never gave up. "Then after we found out and we told him Elvis had left the building and use a quarter and I suggest you use a pay phone he said, 'Oh come on, let me just have it just one more time,' says Sandra astonished. SBC did drop all the charges and it's likely if you call Sandra asking for the single digit extension you'll get dropped too... well your phone call at least. "Call us for extension 9 and you won't get it!," says Sandra laughing. In case you get this suspicious request, Sandra says the caller had a thick accent.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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