Motorists Get A Price Break At The Pumps

Motorists are getting a price break at the pumps. The Lundberg Survey says gas prices fell an average of 25 cents over the past two weeks, making the average price of a gallon of gas two dollars and 69 cents.

Here in East Texas, we've seen the price of gas as low as $2.37 a gallon at some stations. "About a year ago, it was maybe 50 dollars to fill it up. Now, it's like 75 dollars for a half a tank," says Josh Patterson, who's in the transportation business. His company moves anything from furniture to 4 x 4s. After Hurricane Katrina, oil prices sky rocketed to a record high of $70.85 cents a barrel. Patterson says those high prices hurt his bottom line. "I gave them $95.81 and I bet it'll take probably every bit of it."

Today, gas prices are down 15 percent from that record high. A few weeks ago, Bob McLelland says it cost him $48 to fill up his Cadillac. Today, only $30. "Well, I was pleasantly surprised. It was only $2.64 a gallon, only, which is a lot better than it had been here recently.

Chuck Carr drives a full size SUV. He's been trying to trick himself into thinking things weren't that bad. Others are choosing more fuel-efficient means of transportation. Whether they were traveling 50 or 150 miles, these road warriors all took heart knowing that, for now at least, they'd be getting there a little cheaper.

Oralia Ortega, reporting.