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Last Evacuees Leave Longview

After a long stay away from home, one of the last Hurricane Rita evacuees in Longview is ready to go home to Port Arthur. From the time Doris Brown was evacuated from her Port Arthur home to today, she has kept a journal of everything that has happened to her. Good and bad.

"I would say its been an experience, some good some bad, but it's been and experience," she says.

Wheelchair bound from severe osteoporosis, Brown first experienced rejection at a Lufkin church when her evacuee group needed to stop and rest, but were turned away.

"The pastor ordered us off the property. I was rejected. I felt that small," Doris says.

But what she found in Longview was a much different situation.

"Their attitude and the way they came up to you to see about your every need and it was sincere," Brown says.

Along with hundreds of others she stayed at the Oakland Heights Church shelter, and is now the last evacuee staying at the Holiday Inn. And she was impressed with the efforts of all those who helped her here.

"There are good people there are good people," see says.

She's eager to go home tomorrow, but she'll never forget what see's seen over the past four weeks. "Weeping endures at night, but joy comes in the morning. The good outweighs the bad."

Brown's home was undamaged from the hurricane.

Bob Hallmark reporting,

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