Bigfoot Conference Draws Hundreds To Jefferson

Sightings of large, hairy creatures, called by various names such as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and Yeti, have been reported throughout the world. Is the creature just another urban legend or is it real? Researchers meeting at the Annual Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson say that Bigfoot is very real and is living right here in East Texas.

Craig Woolheater, director of the Texas Bigfoot Research Center, has received numerous reports of Bigfoot in the East Texas area. Anthropologists at the convention describe Bigfoot as a primate or "big ape" that walks upright. They say he has been part of American Indian legends for a thousand years.

Because he is a very illusive creature living in isolated, heavily wooded areas, Bigfoot has never been captured, nor has a carcass been found. So researchers admit that they won't really know what Bigfoot is until there is DNA to study.

Joan Hallmark reporting,