East Texas Marine Returns Home

A routine mission in Iraq turns into a nightmare for one East Texan. Donnie Goines, 21, received life-threatening injuries in a roadside bombing, and spent the last two months in a San Antonio hospital. It was two months ago today, when Donnie's truck was bombed.

"I had 16 Iraqi soldiers on the back of my truck and we just rolled through a little city, a little village outside of Fallujah," said Goines. "Next thing I knew, there was a loud explosion, my truck's on fire and I'm on fire." Goines received second and third degree burns on his face and arms, and suffered from severe internal injuries.

"They actually did field surgery right there on the field and opened him up because he was bleeding internally," said Denise Goines, Donnie's Mother. "They saved his life right there on the field." Today, was Donnie's day, and his hometown of Murchison was there to show its support.

"This is the most amazing thing I've ever felt," said Donnie. "Seeing the community and my family and friends come out like this, to support you is amazing."

"We're just so thankful Donnie is going to be ok," said Denise. "It's been two months of a total nightmare and he's coming through, he's getting so much better."

Donnie still has months of physical therapy ahead of him, but his family says his spirits are high. "He'd go back over there if they would let him," said Denise.

"I would go back to Iraq if they would let me, but I'm probably looking at a medical discharge from the army because of the extent of my injuries," said Donnie. "I'm a true example of the power of prayer." To his family and friends, Donnie is their hero.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com