Woman Hopes For Justice In Drunk Driving Case

An east Texas woman is thankful today hoping that justice is finally done for her son who was killed by a drunk driver in 1999, a son that she was still carrying, being 7 months pregnant. A week ago, the man responsible, was sentenced to prison.

"I still feel Robert, its like I'm still pregnant with him I can feel him" Mount Vernon resident Frankie Bakkers says.

Clinging to memories of her unborn son and all that he might have gone on to do in his life, Frankie Bakkers still relives a nightmare. 6 years ago near Winnsboro when she was 7 months pregnant, a drunk driver crashed into her , injuring her and costing the life of her unborn son Robert.

"For the past 6 years its done a lot , I can't work no more , I have severe depression problems because I've lost my son" Frankie says.

22 year old Jorge Perez Rios was charged with intoxication assault, but disappeared for nearly 6 years before being arrested in Mississippi in September and is now serving a 10 year prison term.

"I never thought justice would be served, never, maybe paying that back he'll remember what he did" she says.

She lives a reclusive, quiet life on a dairy farm with her husband and son Michael. But her scars run deep, she never got to hold Robert.

"No I've never seen my son".

In 2003, the state legislature changed the law, so that "if an unborn child is killed in an accident involving a drunk driver," that driver can be charged with felony manslaughter.

Bob Hallmark reporting.