Freedom Fighter: Lee Gillies

Sixty years ago, Lee Gillies was on his way home after completing 35 missions over Japan. It was at this point that he learned about the dropping of the atomic bomb over Nagasaki.
  Gillies's crew had mapped Nagasaki, not knowing at the time the reason for their mission. Gillies was a left waist gunner on the B29 bomber "Miss Behavin". He and his crew called it "riding in the belly of the beast". The B29 had been produced as America's super weapon, but Gillies says the rush to get it in the air, created mechanical errors that made safely flying the plane very difficult. Fatality rates among the B29 crews were at 50%.
  On June 25,1945, Gillies and his crew flew a night reconnaisance and mapping mission over Nagasaki. 45 days later it was bombed. Gillies didn't hear about the bomb until months later, after the war ended, a war Lee Gillies helped win for this country.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.