A Rapist Is Still On The Loose And Police Want You To Protect Yourself

The man police say sexually assualted two Tyler women is still out there. Yesterday, police told us DNA evidence from two seperate attacks pointed them to the man. The first attack occured at Rose Rudman Park in June. The second happened just one month later at an apartment complex, formerly named "Lexington Downs" on Bullard Road.  The man is described as a black male in his early twenties. He's about 5'10", around 150 pounds, with short hair. Police say during the second attack, he called himself Chris.

Police started getting calls after we aired that sketch yesterday, and they are asking women to be alert, and continue to lookout for themselves. No one wants to believe they could be a victim of an attack, but the truth is, it could happen, and it could happen anywhere.

"If the opportunity is there for someone then they will take advantage of it," said Officer Don Martin of the Tyler Police Department. That's why police say you need to protect yourself.

"Use common sense," said Officer Martin. "If you don't have to get out late at night and walk in a park or go shopping, then don't. Use a simple thing as a whistle. That's got everyone's attention around you saying wow what's going on." Police say you want to create attention to yourself.

"Don't just sit there and say ok I'm going to let you have what you want," said Officer Martin. "We're being taught now, and we're seeing across the nation that we're saying it's time to fight back. You need to scream, you need to yell, you need to scratch, you need to bite. You do whatever it takes to get away from this person." Pepper spray, is used to help you escape. You can buy a can at your local gun shop for $15.00. Owner of Shootist Guns and Knife Shop, Mack Woods, also teaches self defense classes. He says pepper spray is only affective, if it's easily excessible.

"Learn to dress with it," said Woods. "If you get up every morning and put your watch on, your earings on, your rings, whatever, put your mace on." Police say it's important to know how to use your pepper spray because every can is different.  Look at the package and see how it's used.

Mack Woods teaches those self defense techniques at the Shootist Gun and Knife Shop in Tyler. You can also check your yellow pages under Self Defense.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com