Harvest Livestock Show In Longview

From all over East Texas, boys and girls from every 4-H and FFA club have gathered to show their skill at raising livestock, for the 4 day Harvest Festival and Livestock Show at the Longview Rodeo Grounds.

"I think its in your blood , once you've raised something" said rancher Kathy Gibson.

They come from the families that are the backbone of the the industry that has dominated East Texas for decades, farming and ranching. This event gives them the chance to display their prize stock as well as their showmanship. They take on the grown up responsibility of caring for goats rabbits and pigs, hoping it will pay off in ribbons and sale money.

"Well, I had to feed it every day, and walk it and bathe it and everything everyday" said 10 year old Robin Key of Hallsville, who entered her pig in the show.

"In my family my brother was an ag teacher, yeah i think its a heritage thing" said former student Bobby Hunt.

"This is it, this is it, if we don't have farming we're, as they say, naked and hungry" said Big Sandy ag student Brandon Decuir.

The show runs through Saturday at the Longview Rodeo Grounds. Many of the winners will go on  the Houston livestock show and rodeo in February.

Bob Hallmark reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com