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10/20/05-New London

Concession Stand Money In Question

A parent of a former student of West Rusk County Consolidated I-S-D believes there is money unaccounted for in the district.  He's gone as far as to make an open records request over it.   

Jack Slack, a parent of a former student at West Rusk County Consolidated I-S-D first became suspcious of the concession stand money when his family was steered away from their involvement. He then wanted to look at cancelled checks from the school district to determine if money was misused in the concession stand account.  So far, he has not been able to do so.  Jack Slack says, "$112,000 has gone through the concession stand account since January 2000 through August 2005 that's the last statement.  I haven't been provided the information on how the funds were disrupted.  I will tell you that their have been an awful lot of checks that have been written through the account and it seems like an enormous amount of check if you are going out buying supplies for a concession stand." 

The district attorney has encouraged the school district to provide Slack with the cancelled checks.  Dr. Steve Jones, Superintendent of West Rusk County Consolidated ISD says, "When we got that letter part of it said we need to provide him with that information so we have and we will continue to do that and we'll only charge him, what we charged him for all the other request in other areas, which is just a dime a copy."  Superintendent Dr. Jones said the account in question has some gray areas.  Jones says, "I didn't think there were any impropriety involved, I just think, just by my experience the more, like you were saying, the more checks and balances.  Like have two people on check." 

No matter what the district does now, it's the past that has Slack concerned, who wants to know where the money has gone.  Superintendent Jones says the account in question has been closed for a few months.  The new account now requires two signatures on the checks.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.


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