Longview Good Restaurant Report

Six Longview area restaurants were singled out for excellence in the latest round of reports by the Longview Health Department including Dominos Pizza at 315 west Marshall Avenue. Inspected September 16th they we spotlessly clean with no violations. They scored a perfect A.

Chick-Fil-A at 1740 West Loop 281 was inspected September 16th and found to have clean work spaces an no violations. They also scored a perfect A.

Only one minor violation was found at Fritz's Restaurant at 105 Ruth Lynn Drive. Inspected September 21st they had clean conditions and all foods at proper temperatures. They scored an A.

The Pizza Deli inside Sams Club at 3310 North 4th Street had only one minor violation in a September 30th inspection. Food prep areas were exceptionally clean and all foods were at proper temperature. They scored an A.

The full service restaurant inside "D.C. Shamrock" at 3607 South Eastman Road had two minor violations. Inspected September 30th they had all food prep areas clean and foods at proper temperatures. They scored an A.

Taco Bell at 1903 West Loop 281 had only 2 minor violations in a September 26th inspection. All foods were at proper temperatures and work spaces were clean. They scored an A. 

All reports are provided by the Longview environmental health department.

Bob Hallmark reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com