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"Does It Work"-10/18/05

Swiffer Sweep + Vac: "Does It Work?"

Swiffer's at it again with Swiffer Sweep + Vac. It's supposed to be a replacement for all your hard floor sweeping products. But, "Does It Work?"

We dumped coffee grounds, sugar, glitter and some popped and un-popped popcorn on a marble floor. Can the Sweep + Vac pick it up? The Sweep + Vac requires 24 hours on the charger before its first use. Just plug it in to the wall. The starter kit gives you the vacuum and handle, and 4 cleaning pads designed to catch dust, dirt and lint from your hard surfaced floors. The handle parts, snap together easily. Attach the pad and we're ready to go.

Swiffer markets this thing as a way to say good bye to your broom and dust pan. On the box it talks about sucking up "larger particles," and there are a few drawings on the box showing the Swiffer picking up cereal or something. The coffee grounds, sugar and glitter were no match for the Sweep + Vac. But even with 10.5 amps of sucking power, the Swiffer can't inhale what it can't get in its mouth. That included most of the un-popped kernels and all the popped popcorn. The front edge of the vacuum mouth is so low to the ground, the larger stuff can't get inside.

Also, when you turn the Swiffer off, if you shake it any, some of the debris seems to always fall out the mouth of the vacuum.

 So, is it really good at sucking up larger particles? It's a relative term. I guess you have to judge by how big the junk is that ends up on your floor. And can it really replace your broom and dustpan? It didn't for me.

For dirt, granules, etc. it's great. And the pad gathered plenty of unseen dust. But for the price, we're not completely satisfied.

We give it a "maybe."

We paid just under 30 dollars for the Swiffer Sweep + Vac. Replacement pads are about 4 dollars for a box of 16.

You can find it at Target and other discount department stores.

Joe Terrell, reporting. jterrell@kltv.com


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