Strayhorn Visits Marshall In Campaign Stop In The Race For Governor

The woman known as "one tough grandma" has set her sights on the governor's seat. Carole Keetan Strayhorn was in Marshall today talking about major issues facing the state.

She said, "This governor has absolutely failed priorities and absolutely failed leadership."

Strayhorn unabashedly points the finger at Governor Perry when it comes to the problems facing the State of Texas.

"Right now the state is abdicating it's responsibility in education and healthcare. And when the state ignores challenges, we create crises at the local level," Strayhorn says.

She also says failure to reform school finance put the burden on you, leading to sky-rocketing property taxes. Curbing those taxes would be at the top of her to do list.

"The first thing I would do is to reinstate E-Texas, Texas School Performance Reviews, and also E- Performance Reviews of the State Government."

Those programs, that could mean a savings of 16 billion dollars over a few years, were cut by Governor Perry. Strayhorn is also looking to lower property taxes by generating new income.

"I want to allow video lotteries at race tracks. Wrap it in a constitutional amendment that dedicates every penny to lowering home owners' property taxes, and new dollars for secondary education, and higher education," she said.

Healthcare is Strayhorn's other big gripe when it comes to The Perry Administration.

"For as little as $98 a month, we can insure a kid. And these are not welfare recipients, these are working Texans. We're dead last in children who have health insurance," she said.

She also said, "Under this governor's administration we are leaner and meaner. Texas is great, but we can do better than that."

The Republican primary is March 6th. Strayhorn says she looks forward to the "bloody battle" Perry has promised her.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting.