Confused Drivers On Kinsey Drive

There were some frustrated drivers Monday morning as road construction on Kinsey Drive from Loop 323 to Rice Road began.

The northbound lane is closed, making Kinsey Drive a one-way street.  But today, drivers were a little confused about what lanes were closed, and which way to drive.  Some motorists were even going around the barricades.

In the just about twenty, more than a dozen drivers drove the wrong way.  Some drivers say they never saw the signs.

Kenneth Saulsberry said, "At first I noticed it was a two way it had been, but I didn't know they had made it a one way street, matter of fact I didn't see any signs telling me that."

Catina Davis said,"There are not any indication or signs telling us not to go this way, so we just figured we could go back the same way we came.  There are no signs on the road what so ever."

A city of Tyler spokesperson said they are working to correct the traffic problem.  Weather premitting, the road construction is expected to be completed in three months.

Karolyn Davis,, Reporting