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The Gift of Love


How would you like to add an astronaut to your family? In today’s Gift of Love report, meet 8 year-old Stephen.

As Channel 7’s Betsy Dixon shows us, he has dreams of finding a forever family and of floating in space...

“My dreams are...I wish I could go to space right now...”

For 8-year-old Stephen, space is an imaginary getaway, a place where he can go to forget past abuses. He dreams of becoming an astronaut, and getting lost in another galaxy...

"I'm going to the lost galaxy, I'm going to get lost and stay there, and live there." Stephen is an active, energetic and talkative child...with a zest for life... He likes to watch cartoons and play outside...

"Giddy up horse, haa!"

Stephen is affectionate, funny and wants a family he knows he can trust...

"I want a family." "I want them to be nice and gentle and that's all."

Stephen was born premature, he takes growth hormones to increase his small stature. As the result of physical abuse, he has no front teeth. Stephen can be oppositional at times... but case workers believe adoring, patient parents can help him mature into a healthy adult, both physically and emotionally.

"He has been in foster care for a while now, he needs a family, now I think at his age, the older he gets, the harder it gets for them, he's ready, he's excited about it and I think he needs a momma and a daddy."

Stephen will do best in a two-parent family as the only child. Adoptive parents must provide a structured environment, where he feels safe.

Those who know Stephen hope that in a loving family, he will find the "space" where he feels he belongs. "I just want a family that's all..."

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