President Of Cavalry Commission Discusses Growth Of Program

Joe Fauss is international director and president of the Calvary Commission, an organization dedicated to rehabilitating former prison inmates. When Fauss began his ministry 28 years ago, he was told that rehabilitating prisoners was an impossible task but he forged ahead through faith and love.

Today, Calvary Commission has mission programs in most Texas prisons, as well as many countries throughout the world. Its aftercare program has helped many former prisoners become ministers, missionaries, medical professionals and businessmen.

Fauss's book "Challenging the Impossible" includes many of these success stories. Fauss calls it "discovering beautiful trophies for Jesus."  Fauss will be signing copies of his book Saturday, October 22nd at the Scroll Christian Bookstore from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. The scroll is located in Tyler at 2752 East Fifth Street.

Joan Hallmark reporting,