Bigfoot Conference Held In Jefferson

The Fifth Annual Texas Bigfoot Conference is being held in Jefferson this weekend. Held at Jefferson High School, the conference is a validation for some who believe an undocumented species of primate called Bigfoot roams north America.

"We've seen or experienced something. We can't explain and we want to get those answers. We want to know what this is," says Mike Hall of the Texas Bigfoot Research Center.

They look at rare photographs and share information on history and the latest sightings and the people who look for the beast are well educated.

"I think people are just generally interested in adventure. It's fun, but it also reveals to people that there are still mysteries out there that we don't know anything about," says Bigfoot Researcher, Loren Coleman, who is a retired professor of Anthropology at Western Maine University.

They learn from experts who have spent years tracking the elusive Sasquatch. The conference offers a little of everything including how to spot whether a Bigfoot has been in your area or not, even showing guests how to make a plaster cast out of a Bigfoot print.

"This is going to be one of the last years I come to this conference. I'm going to be going out in the woods more. Even though I spend every night my weekends vacations, I still need more time," says Noll, an aerospace engineer who spends all of his free time looking for Bigfoot in Washington state.

More than 400 people from all over the U.S. are attending this year and many believe East Texas is perfect territory for a Bigfoot to thrive in.

"It's not going to happen overnight but we will discover Bigfoot," Coleman says.

The conference will continue tomorrow.

Bob Hallmark reporting,